A fun edutainment series that widens children's knowledge about the world in a playful way.
Format: 52 episodes x 2'30"
Genre: edutainment
Target: 2-5 y.o. kids
Technique: clay animation with the elements of computer cutouts

Claymotions are seven lovely and positive-minded clay characters that can transform into anything they like. Curious and playful Claymotions explore the world around them in an engaging manner, providing facts and trivia about the subject matter. The exploration of the world for the little ones has never been so easy before! The series consists of thematic blocks such as Numbers, Animals, Music, etc.
Exciting and fun stories told in a simple and easy way about each number from 1 to 9, and one more – about number 10

Claymotions get to know different animals: they study what they look like, their behavior and natural habitat. They have to decide who's stronger, who's bigger, who's taller, who sleeps standing up, and who's got the longest nose.

Claymotions discover music, they just need to hear it: the rhythm of the rain, the squeak of the door or the melody of the wind. Also, they create music with the help of musical instruments they occasionally turn into, and learn about their features.

Claymotions study the world of vehicles: automobile, water, aviation and space ones. They learn that vehicles are indispensable in transporting cargoes and passengers, help people in their work, and even in recreation.

Claymotions 'dive' into the world of plants. They get to learn where bread grows, why tomato is a berry, where a fir-tree lost its fur, and what apricot needs a pit for.
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Email us to screen full episodes and get more information
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