The Golden Beehive
The lucky charm of Honey Hills Town is stolen. This might cause thousands of misfortunes to its citizens. A young Chirp the Squirrel is accused, and Detective Sophie the Owl is taking the case.

Based on the series

Genre: Detective, comedy
Target group: 6+, family
Timing: 80'
Release: 2023
Producer: Yulia Osetinskaya, Lika Blank, Sergey Demchev, Boris Mashkovtsev
Script writer: Andrey Zhitkov
Director: Andrey Zhitkov
Production Designer: Alexey Chistov
Honey Hills dwellers are preparing for Day of the Town celebration. A unique artefact The Golden Beehive is going to be presented to everyone on this special occasion. According to the local legend, Honey Hills founders discovered the artefact, and Honey Hills will suffer thousands of misfortunes should the Beehive go missing. That is exactly what happens. Only 24 hours before the celebration, the Beehive has been stolen. The town blames it on young Squirrel Chirp, an assistant to the detective Sophie the Owl! The Mayor eyewitnessed the theft! Honey Hills dwellers start looking for Chirp. However, wise Sophie the Owl doesn't believe that Chirp is guilty. But will she be able to get the Golden Beehive back before the dawn breaks.
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