Prehistoric times. A little boy takes home a small puppy, as it's cold and wet outside. Then he takes a kitten, a hedgehog, a piglet, a lamb, a rabbit, and a foal. It's much funnier to live all together, isn't it?
good heart
Year: 2018
Duration: 00:05:12
Technique: 2D
Director: Yevgenia Zhirkova
Dialogue: Non-dialogue
Audience: General, Kids, Family
Themes: Kids and parents, Kindness, Motherhood, Parenting

15th World Festival of Animated Film in Varna (Bulgaria), 2019, Critics Award

Brussels Animation Films Festival (Belgium), 2019
26th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (Germany), 2019
Annecy 2019 (France) 2019
Animafest Zagreb 2019 (Croatia), 2019
59th ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL (Czech Republic), 2019
Fantoche (Switzerland),2019
Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada), 2019
Anima mundi (Brazil), 2019
London International Animation Festival (Great Britain), 2019
35th Warsaw Film Festival (Poland), 2019
CINANIMA 2019 (Portugal)
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