The film is about the life and work of that classic of German Romanticism – the writer, artist and composer Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann. It is realized at the highest level of artistry and almost exclusively by hand. "Hoffmaniada" is neither biopic nor dramatization but a romantic flight of fancy based on motifs from Hoffmann's diaries and fiction. The screenplay incorporates storylines and characters from his brilliant and yet sometimes terrifying tales "The Golden Pot," "The Sandman," and "Little Zaches, Great Cinnabar."

Fans of Hoffmann will see the writer's life and works reflected in a new way. The film invites sensitive viewers to contemplate the nature of the imagination of the artist, his vulnerability and torturous search for a place in society. The phantasmagoric imagery and surreal plotlines of Hoffmaniada will make a strong impression on every viewer.

Year: 2018
Audience: 12+
Genre: romantic fantasy feature film
Technique: puppet animation with computer graphics
Timing: 72'00''
Producers: Yuliana Slashcheva, Boris Mashkovstev,
Nilolay Makovsky, Sergey Strusovsky, Lika Blank
Scriptwriters: Victor Slavkin, Stanislav Sokolov
Director – Stanislav Sokolov
Art Directors – Elena Livanova, Nikolay Livanov

The characters of «Hoffmaniada»get into incredible and fantastic situations. A young lawyer, musician and writer Ernst is subjected to witchcraft of an old tradeswoman, charlatan Coppelius and the watchmaker Paulmann. They intrigue against Ernst while a wise Archivarius Lindhorst patronizes Ernst and his literary character, a student Anselmus. Turning into the Fire Salamander he opposes insidious plans. In the final Anselmus with his sweetheart Serpentina put themselves into Atlantis, the land of Anselmus' dreams!
Annecy Festival 2018
Official Selection, Feature Film
Golden Eagle 2018
Winner, Best Animated Film
Asia-Pacific Screen Awards 2018
Nomination, Best Animated Film
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