Winter, blizzard, and a small house on the edge of the forest, where a boy lives with his dad. Once, when dad is out hunting, the boy looses fire in the fireplace. There is no life without fire, and the boy goes out to get some spark.
the little light
Year: 2017
Duration: 00:08:09
Technique: 2D
Director: Vladislav Bairamgulov
Dialogue: Non-dialogue
Audience: Kids, Family
Themes: Fairy-tale, Friendship, Kindness, Kids and animals, Winter

Zinetxiki Zinemaldia 2018 (Spain), 2018
Anim'est – international animation film festival 2019 (Romania)
27th Madrid Film Festival FCM-PNR (Spain), 2018
Cinemira International Children's Film Festival – Budapest (Hungary), 2019
PLAY - International Kids Film Festival 2019 (Portugal), 2019
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