Once upon a time, there was a baby elephant with a very long trunk, and this trunk put him to great inconvenience... The elephant learned to handle it atistically, and saved other baby elephants from fire. A wonderful cartoon about how to learn to accept yourself.
Year: 2017
Duration: 00:06:28
Technique: 2D
Director: Ekaterina Filippova
Dialogue: Dialogue
Audience: Kids, Family
Themes: The Hero, Tolerance, Friendship, Animals

58th ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL - International Film Festival for Children and Youth (Czech Republic)
14th World Festival of Animated Film in Varna (Bulgaria), 2018, Special mention Diploma in the category for Children's film
11th Tehran International Animation Festival (Iran), 2019, Award of the International Center of Children and Young People
SICAF (Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival) (South Korea), 2018, Special Distinction Award from SICAF KID Category 2018

Bellingham Children's Film Festival (USA), 2019
KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival (Netherlands), 2018
Wisconsin Film Festival (USA), 2018
Giffoni Film Festival (Italy), 2018
International Short Film Festival ZUBROFFKA (Poland), 2018
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